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Hey guys welcome to my website!Finally right? So a little bit about me and how pinkxbudgetz was created. I’m a mom of two toddlers, always working and never had anything saved. I used to work 40+ hours a week just to blow it on stupid and unnecessary things. I tried a few different budgeting methods and fell off completely  all the time until I discovered the cash envelope system. This method changed my life forever. It literally felt like I got a huge raise but it was just me understanding how to manage, budget and plan my income. I started documenting my journey in 2020 on YouTube  and got great feedback on how I inspire and motivate people to manage their money also. I grew from 0 subscribers to over 94k and counting. Yay! I brought new ideas to the budgeting community starting off with cash money trays, money placeholders and envelope style savings challenges. I started my business on Etsy and sold over 10,000 sales and now I’m happy to launch my own website all thanks to your support.I couldn’t have done this without you and I hope you will keep following me on my journey and watching me grow and coming up with more creative things. 


To inspire




Debt Free

Live comfortably 

No Worries

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